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HaLife Web-Based eMail is:

  • Free
  • Permanent
  • Globally Accessible
  • Private
  • SPAM-Free
  • Easy


  • Web-based
    Free, secure, permanent email accounts that are accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Enormous Accounts
    Whopping 25MB can store large attachments and vast quantities of mail.

  • Extremely Fast
    Lightning fast service due to our world-class network.

  • Attachments
    Send up to 3 attachments of unlimited size.

  • Bulk Mail Options
    Junk mail can be automatically sent to an alternate folder.

  • Email Notification
    Users can get notified at another email address when they receive mail.

  • Folders
    Convenient folders allow users to create new folders as needed and move messages into any folder directly from the inbox.

  • Address Book
    Store names, birthdays, comments, and group multiple contacts together.

  • POP Mail Retrieval
    Instantly retrieve messages from POP accounts.

  • HTML Mail
    HTML mail capability lets you enhance messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.

  • Account Status Reminder
    Welcome page displays the number of unread messages and mail storage space used.

  • Help
    Built-in help explains all features at every step.

  • Message Search
    Message search lets you find messages that contain a particular word or phrase, were sent on a specific date, are a certain size, etc.

  • Personal Signature
    Users can create and change their personal signature.

  • Aliases & Reply Addresses
    Outgoing mail can be personalized with aliases and reply addresses.

  • Personal Profile
    Personal information can be edited and updated and the password can be changed anytime.

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